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There are different types of anxiety disorders. They tend to have differing severities and characteristics.

Typical for all of them are feelings of fear and trepidation, which express themselves in various ways and manners.

Anxiety disorders all have some things in common. They limit people in their ability to lead fulfilling lives. Affected persons avoid situations in which the anxiety could strike and following on from that, they fall into a vicious circle of intense fear of being afraid (Phobophobia).

These types of disorders respond well to therapeutic interventions. Specifically, behavioural therapy has proven itself here. Don’t worry however, you are the pacemaker, and we won’t work on anything without prior psychoeducation and your permission.

If possible and desired, I can of course accompany you during exposures.

Do you suffer from increased isolation? Is your ability to feel happiness lacking?

Have you developed depression or an obsessive-compulsive disorder due to your anxiety? Please feel free to contact me.